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Spellbinders BetterPress Letterpress Card
Spellbinders BetterPress Letterpress Card

What is the Spellbinders BetterPress Letterpress System?

The Spellbinders BetterPress Letterpress System is a revolutionary tool that allows you to create stunning letterpress designs on your cards and other paper crafts. With this system, you can easily add depth, texture, and elegance to your projects.

Spellbinders BetterPress Letterpress System

What You'll Need

To make a card using the Spellbinders BetterPress Letterpress System, you'll need the following materials:

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these simple steps to create a beautiful card using the Spellbinders BetterPress Letterpress System:

Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

Gather all the materials mentioned above. Make sure your BetterPress Plate is clean and free from any dust or debris.

Step 2: Choose Your Design

Select a design from the BetterPress Plates that you want to use for your card. There are various designs available, so choose one that suits your style and occasion. For this card, we used 2 of the Plates that came with the BetterPress Letterpress System. Place your BetterPress Plates on the BetterPress Chase. 

BetterPress Plates that are included with the Spellbinders BetterPress Letterpress System

Step 3: Ink the BetterPress Plate

Apply a thin, even layer of BetterPress Ink to the design on the BetterPress Plate. Make sure to cover the entire design with ink. The Chase is magnetic and will hold your plates in place while you apply ink.

Step 4: Press the Design onto the Card

Place a piece of BetterPress Cotton Card Panel to the Platen (clear top plate) with small pieces of low tack adhesive. Place the Platen gently onto the magnetic corner springs (do not press down). Place the Chase with Platen onto a manual die cutting machine and roll through your machine. You may need to add some paper for added pressure (paper shim). I had to use 3 thin sheets of paper for the impression to work. Every die cutting machine is different and you will need to see what works best for your machine. The die cutting machine will apply even pressure using the BetterPress Letterpress System to transfer the design onto the card.

Spellbinders BetterPress Letterpress plate, ink and image.

Step 5: Add Color and Sparkle

Use the Altenew Tahitian Terrace Dual Tip Pens to add color and shading to the letterpress design. These Pens are water-based and can easily be used with a paint brush or waterbrush to blend colours together. I coloured with the Pens only and they blended well without water. The colours are easily matched, with two Pens in each pack suited to blending with each other. You can also use the Wink of Stella Brush Marker Gold to add a touch of sparkle and shimmer to the centres of the flowers. It doesn't show up well on the coloured image in the picture, but the sparkle is amazing in real life. The backgound has added sparkle and shimmer with spatters from the Wink of Stella Brush Marker.

Step 6: Personalize and Decorate

Now it's time to personalize your card! Add a heartfelt message, embellishments, or any other decorative elements to make your card truly unique and special. For this project I used the BetterPress Plate "To my favourite person" that came with the Spellbinders BetterPress Letterpress System.

BetterPress sentiment "To my favourite person" stamped on the card


The Spellbinders BetterPress Letterpress System is a fantastic tool for creating stunning and professional-looking cards. With the right materials and a little creativity, you can make beautiful cards that will impress your friends and loved ones. So why wait? Start exploring the world of Spellbinders BetterPress today!

While I don't currently have the Spellbinders BetterPress Letterpress System in the store, I have ordered BetterPress Plates and they will be added to the store soon. If you are interested in purchasing the BetterPress Letterpress System, please contact me at or leave me a comment below.

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