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Lawn Fawn ink is made in the USA, acid-free, fast drying, and available in a wide assortment of fun colors!  It was specially formulated to give a clear, crisp impression. The ink pad itself is durable and long-lasting. Lawn Fawn also have re-inkers, so you'll never run out of your favorite colors!

There are three types of Lawn Fawn ink:
• Premium Dye inks: dye inks are acid-free, dry quickly, and are great on many different types of paper, making them super versatile. Dye ink impressions might look a little splotchy at first, but once it soaks into the paper, the stamped image will be solid and even.
• Pigment inks: pigment inks don’t soak into paper, so they take slightly longer to dry. You can speed up with the process by heat-setting it. Pigment inks are acid-free, with a crisp formulation.
• Premium inks (aka, Alcohol Marker Friendly): this ink is waterproof, acid-free, and compatible with alcohol based markers. Our premium inks are Jet Black, River Rock, Crunchy Leaf, and Jellyfish. You can also find them together in the Pottery Studio Ink Cube Pack.

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